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CUCM 11 - 8851/8865 phones - Integration with cameras and door controls

Question asked by nathanfarrar on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by sktlwaltt1

I don't think this is possible but I've been asked to research possibilities of controlling door locks and viewing video from door stations.


I've seen the integration of the 2N Hellos video door station. Really neat solution and would be great if I could use it... but here is the scenario I'm working with:


There is a Siedle access control system. Door locks controlled via that system and some cameras run through their system. These cameras get output into IP encoders that allow for H.264 video as well as MJPEG. The door stations are analog and an ATA will be used to connect them as extensions on the CUCM system. So we have that much at least.


The issue of having a window pop up when a call is received from one of these door stations AND the creation of a button that will interact with a relay to open a door seems a bit of a long shot with the BE6K that is installed.


What capabilities are there for displaying streaming video from an IP camera to a 8851 or 8865 phone?


How would it be possible to create a button that can open a door lock?


I understand that with the door lock we would need some kind of device that can receive a URL call that will then in turn close a relay for us. I wouldn't expect the system to open it directly.


Any experience with doing anything like this?