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finesse rewrites url

Question asked by nmw000007 on Jul 8, 2016
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Im having problems with finesse and opening a new window, currently finesse have gotten the idea to rewrite the url and prepends something like this https://devuccx01.poc9.testlab.local:8445/gadgets/'******


Making my popup linking to an invalid location..


So the question are how can I avoid finesse prepending stuff to my url?    


Heres my small javascript fragment:


var html = '<a id="SkillManagerlink" href="#">Open TDC NetDesign SkillManager</a>';

            //set the html document's agentout element to the html we want to render


$('#SkillManagerlink').click(function () {
var urlToCall="'" + _urlToLoad + '?auth='+finesse.utilities.Utilities.getUserAuthString()+"'";
_clientLogger.log('pop(): trying to pop with '+urlToCall);