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Call ID Change Tracking for Merged Calls in Finesse

Question asked by kellyloos on Jul 8, 2016
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We have a softphone which uses the Finesse REST API for requests and listens on the XMPP port for events. 


I was wondering if there is a way of retrieving the previous call id for a transferred call and to know the point at which the two calls (consult and customer call) are merged.  For blind transfer here is what I am seeing for the events for the agent receiving the blind transfer :


  • Alerting state for the agent with the consult calll
  • Alerting state for the agent with the customer call   (The consult call is merged with the customer call that this point.)
  • Dropped call state for the agent with the consult call  (The consult call is ended)
  • Alerting state for the agent with the customer call    (Only the agent receiving the transfer and the customer are on the call)


This creates an issue for us with multiple alerting state events.  Also there seems to be no way to retrieve the previous call id  and no event that shows the point at where the calls are truly merged.  I say truly merges since the  merge of the call can be detected when the call type is Transfer but then the call type stays as Transfer for the rest of the call.  It does not denote the merge point of the two calls.     


The ICM CTI Server has the Call Data Update event which shows the previous call id and the new call id.  It specifies when a call id update happens as in the case when two calls are merged.


I would like to be able to detect the merge of two calls and know what the previous call id is.  Is there a way to do that in Finesse?