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Discussion created by Lauren Friedman on Jul 7, 2016
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One of the great things about Cisco Live is the people you meet. While the classes, hands-on labs, and speaking sessions are all great, if you’re willing to take the extra step, you can meet people who you’ll continue to learn from all year.

To facilitate this – this meeting of people that can sometimes feel a bit awkward – I’ve got a challenge for you: #SelfieBINGO!

#SelfieBINGO – Is a big game of BINGO where you find people on each square, take a selfie with them, and tweet it.  It’s fun because it basically gives you a list of 25 new people to seek out at Cisco Live. If you’re playing, these are people who have self-selected as willing and interested in meeting new people. We’ll be playing throughout the week.

Would you like to be on a card?  Do This:

To join #SelfieBINGO you can leave a comment on this blog, ping me on Twitter (@Lauren, #SelfieBingo #AddMe #CLUS), or fill out this simple form with:

  1. Your Twitter handle
  2. Your real name (first & last)
  3. (Optionally) a hint on where you’ll be.

At Cisco Live:

Pick up a #SelfieBINGO card at the social meetup on Sunday, or at the EngineersUnplugged studio in the digital arcade throughout the week.  And yes, I’ll update this / tweet excessively with more details.

How to play (will be written on cards, too):

  1. Find people on your sheet(s)
  2. Introduce yourself and take a selfie with them
  3. Tweet the selfie with their name, the bingo card number, and the hashtags: #SelfieBingo #CLUS
  4. Cross out the box with the name of the person in your selfie.
    1. (make a note of the day/time you took the selfie if you can)
  5. When you have 5 in a row take a picture with yourself & your bingo sheet! #SelfieBingo #CLUS