From Insight to Impact, Your Edge Is Cisco

Discussion created by mizhu2 on Jul 6, 2016

The Internet of Everything (IoE) connects people, processes, data, and things, making network connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. With the right hardware, software, consulting, and services, information from the IoE can be turned into actions quickly, creating new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity.

Why Analytics Matter

Organizations need intelligence in order to make decisions about their business. Examples include how to enhance customer engagements, achieve organizational effectiveness, optimize operations, uncover monetization opportunities, and reduce potential threats.

Analytics are required to gather this intelligence. Yet, the traditional approach of moving data to a centralized data store for analysis doesn’t work in today’s IoE world. Data is widely distributed, has a short shelf life, or there is just too much to move fast enough.

Organizations need a new strategy that can get analytics to the data in order to turn data into valuable business insight in real time. With the explosion of streaming data happening at the network edge, combining streaming data with historic data can empower organizations to make business decisions like never before.

Quickly Turn Data into Actionable Strategy

Cisco Connected Analytics for the IoE, a family of pre-packaged analytics software, gives organizations the tools to take on this data challenge directly. Each analytics package is designed to give organizations across industries access to real-time information, predictions, and trends that can have an immediate impact on your business.

In conjunction with Connected Analytics, we offer data virtualization, sophisticated data analytics consulting, and data science services. All three offerings integrate seamlessly across Cisco infrastructure to help you instantly capture, analyze, and interpret critical data at the network edge.

Cisco and our certified partners provide a unique ability to help you take advantage of existing infrastructure, access data wherever it is, and provide real-time streaming analytics at the edge. We bring you powerful capabilities to turn your insight into impact.


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