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Register Expires Value: 3rd party SIP app gets "SIP Station Keepalive Interval” from UCM rather than the expire value set in SIP profile

Question asked by William Wu on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by mstover

3rd party SIP device setting:


       1)The device type is "Third-party SIP Device (Advanced)”

       2)The device SIP Profile is set as “Standard SIP Profile for Mobile Device”

       3)The settings in the sip profile are set as below:

           Timer Register Expires (seconds)Required Field: 720

           Timer Keep Alive Expires (seconds)*: 120

          (Refer to Page 31 of

       4)SIP Station Keepalive Interval: 240

       5)Save and Apply

       6)UCM replies 240 for Expires for 3rd party SIP device register


Is that the expected, or the setting in the SIP profile should be respected?


Log attached,

Call-ID: e9IaDl1mFA



Thanks a lot in advance