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SIP versus SCCP endpoints

Question asked by mark.rennie1 on Jun 24, 2016
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We are currently developing Finesse integration using SCCP-based Cisco IP communicator endpoints.  Does this have any bearing on the integration with Cisco Finesse?  I would assume not as the Finesse API/notifications would be agnostic to the protocol used for the endpoints.


For example, if someone using our application were to set up SIP Cisco IP communicator endpoints instead of SCCP - then in theory our integration should continue to work seamlessly as there should be no difference in the notifications received from Finesse given the end point protocol has changed.


Has anyone had any experience of using both of these protocol types for endpoints on Finesse? 

Back when we were using CTIOS then I believe it was the case that this change led to events coming through in a slightly different order/ with different data on them that led to some issues with our integration code.  Just trying to get a feel for the risk level involved here if someone were to switch the phone setup.