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Call Data Update behaviour on finesse versus ctios

Question asked by mark.rennie1 on Jun 21, 2016
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If an agent is on a call and the call data is updated by another agent then the CTI server will issue a CALL_DATA_ UPDATE_EVENT to everyone involved in that call.  Previously in CTIOS we would have have captured this event when it arrived at our agent and we would then notifiy our 3rd party desktop the call data had been updated.  Our application was then capable of going and getting the updated call data from CTIOS if it needed too.


In Finesse things seem to work slightly differently - all the call data is sent on every Dialog notification that comes back.  In the above scenario the agent appears to simply receive a new Dialog notification object with the updated call variables but the same state, participant states etc in relation to the call.  This makes it difficult to identify the cause of receiving the Dialog notification to be due to the call data being updated.  Is this intended? 

There looks like no easy way (a flag, or similar) on the Dialog notification to indicate that it is simply the call data that has been updated. Only option would be if we added logic on our side to continually check the call variables on each Dialog to determine if they have changed.  We could also try and update the call data on every dialog notification but that would be costly and wasteful if nothing has changed (which it hasn't in most cases).


Just wondered if anyone else has encountered this or has an understanding of this.  How does the Finesse desktop deal with this scenario?