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Unsupported SCI Feature error on VRU PG

Question asked by sathishkumark on Jun 17, 2016

HI All,


I'm integrating Cisco ICM with AVP for IVR treatment, and i'm using a 3rd party connector(GED125 Server) between ICM and AVP since this will not communicates directly. My VRU PIM is active, but the Calls are getting dropped frequently. On the VRU PG logs, I can see the error as "Unsupported SCI feature". However during the PIM activation stage, I could see this supports SCI but while trying for IVR treatment PG sending this error message(Unsupported SCI feature) to GED 125 server, not sure why this is happening.


VRU PIM logs attached.


Version Details:

ICM Version - 11.0(1)

GED125 Server Version - 2.2-1


Can some please help me on this?  Please let me know any other information required from my end.