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First time with Prime Collaboration - not all endpoints showing after device update

Question asked by nathanfarrar on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by tgerbic

In a heavy learning phase here and trying to sort out some issues.


I'm trying to add a user to the system. When selecting 'user provisioning' and adding some details for the user and starting I'm asked to select a service. Since I want this user to have an endpoint, voicemail, and standard stuff I'm choosing "Enhanced Endpoint Service" which I hope is correct. The phone that this user will need to use is already auto-registered. Comments on anything in that statement are appreciated.



Once I move on to the next section I'm asked to select an endpoint type. The phone is an 8865. This phone wasn't in the device load when I first received the system. I updated the device load out and got the phone to register just fine. The thing I'm noticing is that the new phone isn't showing up as an option for an endpoint. It appears that all other sync is working with PCP and CUCM but there must be something I'm missing here. I updated the load out from PLM