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Finesse screen pop up not loading URL in IE

Question asked by piyush.aghera on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by piyush.aghera

Hello Community,

I am trying to use Screen Pop Up gadget available at DevNet download section for PCCE 9.1.

I used 3rdpartygadget user account and uploaded the gadget files to the Finesse server and restarted Tomcat Service.  I have also modified desktop layout for a test team in Finesse Administration page.

Till now all ok.

Now when I test using an agent who is part of test team, I see screen as attached; but as per documentation, I should see caption like "Screen pop up goes here".

Finesse also does not load up the URL in the browser once I receive the call.  This entire testing was done using OOB gadget files, I haven't done any modifications.

Please help me to solve this issue and guide me what am I doing wrong here so that the URL is not poping up.

I had gone thru many contents on the net and had enabled browser pop-up, cleared cache and cookies and disabled Compatibility view of IE 11.  But none had helped.  Apart from above I am not getting any material to analyse this issue further.


Please help.



Piyush Aghera