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Call manager & Skype for business (365)

Question asked by ssmalley77 on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by garymanske

Hey everyone,

I have been through the forums and google searched with no definitive answers... we're looking to deploy Office 365 and would like S4B to integrate with Call Manager 10.5.2

initially we are only after presence updates, however click to call, and similar in the future would be the end goal.

I have recently seen an announcement from MS regarding Skype For business Cloud Connector Edition, however we would like to avoid deploying extra infrastructure if possible.  It has also been suggested to look at CUCI-Lync however everything I've found for this seems to point to on prem Lync/Skype servers.  Some clarity around this would be ideal.  If we can do this natively without 3rd party software would be best but appreciate some extra config & infrastructure/software may be required.