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First time, new (pre-configured) install of BE600S - PLM question

Question asked by nathanfarrar on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by nathanfarrar

Among many other questions I have... I am encountering an issue with PLM that may be just a misunderstanding on my part.


I've gotten all of the applications on this pre-configured system updated with new password. I'm able to log into all UIs. Currently using the ISR as the DNS server and when connected to the bridged interface ( I'm able to ping and resolve the DNS addresses configured on the ISR.


I connect to PLM and attempt to add a product instance. I add as the cucm-pub server and type of Unified CM. Testing the connection works fine but when I press Ok I am prompted with a message that reads:


"The Product Instance is currently managed by "". Would you like to take over license management of this product?"


This is strange to me because I am connected to and i don't see that server instance in here already. What am I missing here? I'm assuming that I'll have to address licensing from PLM for this system but how could it see that it's already managed by another server which is actually the same server I'm trying to use?