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Custom Messaging to Individual Finesse Agents

Question asked by claudioillanes on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by claudioillanes

Hi  All,


I want to get some guidance on the suggested implementation for the following. I've got a global .NET service that needs to relay messaging to about 5000 individual Finesse 10.5 Agents. I believe there are many ways to do this, but wanted to know what everyone thought would  be the best (and supported) way to relay these messages to an individual agent?


Should my .NET service connect with the OpenHub 1/2 concept and just relay text messages "" message topics?

Or would I want to add RabbitMQ to my .NET service, and build a gadget that uses a RabbitMQ Client to receive messages?

Or should I have the .NET service make a web service call directly to a gadget, that's somehow listening on a port?

Or should I tie in Socket.IO to my server and gadget? I basically want my service to be able to tell 'agent 11111 to 'Go Ready', or 'Answer Call'. I'm wondering if anyone has had success with this kind of unidirectional, or bidirectional messaging setup in the past, and successfully handled any load/performance issues. Also, has anyone had success relaying this broadcast messaging to agent teams? or Skill Groups?

Cisco BU, what's the recommended/supported setup for this?