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Python Sample Notification Listener Not working

Question asked by ricsonchua on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by ricsonchua

I would like to ask a few questions about the Python sample codes in the link below


Rest API has been working properly.

However we are unable to make Notification Listener code no matter what we do.


We are connected to


I would like to list down the following steps that our organization has done to try and make the script work.

CMX Side

1. Added notifications to push to our public server's IP as new notification for our IP one is public IP and the other is the IP that we use to connect via SSH-PuTTy. (SEE MANAGE_NEW_NOTIFICATION.PNG)


Host side

1. On our server we have Python 2.6 installed and OS is RHEL6.

2. We have changed iptables to allow connection 8080.

3. for the Python Sample Notification Listener code. We had used 8080 (we understand this to be listen all)

4. We had tested that socket works locally.



Nothing happens when we execute the socket. May we kindly know if there is something we need to do on CMX to be able to get a stream?

I also suspect that we have no data coming in in the 1st place that is why the socket is not getting anything. (Please see CONNECT & ENGAGE SCREENSHOT)


We do appreciate your kind response.

We also appreciate if Cisco can offer local assistance IF possible as I am based in Singapore.


Best regards,