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question about 16000~16005 ports opened on REMB

Question asked by cshiyou on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by robdoyle

Dear Rober,


My customer asked a wired question about  16000~16005 ports opened on REMB.

they are asking why REMB opend 5 ports on REMB  rather than 4, 6 or even more?

and whehter REMB will use 16000~16005 to handle one call.

based on REM documentation, i knew REMB stars up 5 processes for UDP multiplexing processing.

i think 5 ports design is based on redundancy and robust consideration. if one process is dead unexpectedly, it will not affect total performance.

and for one call process, REMB just will multiplex one port to handle it.

please let me know whehter my understanding is correct.

and comment on this silly question.