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Cisco Finesse Notification Service [COMPONENT NOT RUNNING]

Question asked by ritesh.desai on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by ritesh.desai

Hi folks,


I have not followed UCCE installation pattern. I had installed Cisco Finesse Server first then CVP and then ICM. reason because of OS Media and SQL media errors. For time saving, I've installed Finesse. Now UCCE components are installed and am getting error "Cisco Finesse Notification Service [STOPPED] Component not running.

On Call Server and Data server SQL 2008 R2 Standard SP2 is installed as per Cisco compatibility Guide.


Things i checked are;

1. Cisco Tomcat service running.

2. CTI Server, AWDB and SQL Windows authentication user configuration on Finesse administration page is fine.

3. CTI Server configuration on Call Server is fine.

4. Agent PG configuration on Call Server is fine. Logical ID and Physical ID.

5. JTAPI User ID and password is fine.

6. Port 42027, 1433, 8443 is open. On Finesse I don't see 42027 is listening. UCCE components are in same network, no firewall in between. Only Voice Gateway is outside network.


Please guide what could be the problem and where should I look for...


thanks & regards,

Ritesh Desai