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Cannot connect jabber web softphone with CUCM via expressway

Question asked by jmartinezcisco on May 27, 2016
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Im trying the sample code provided for the Jabber web SDK (the softphone that you can use from a web browser) but it cannot connect with the devnet sandbox CUCM (a week ago I tried and it was working). Let me explain the details:


I reserved the Collab Endpoint sandbox lab and created a Jabber windows client, so I received an email with the user name and password.

When I run the sample code (the web browser softphone) I click on start discovery and when it ask for an email I enter my user


Then it asks for username and password so I enter again my user and the password.

Then I can see my device CSFxxxxxx9F32, so I choose it and click on connect.

Then an error message is displayed saying "Unable to sign in or connect: Cannot connect to CUCM server DeviceRegTimedOut"


I tried disabling the firewall and antivirus but it didn't make any difference.


It works if I connect to the VPN with anyconnect but unfortunatly I need to make it work with the expressway.

Is the expressway working in the Collab Endpoint lab?