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Using dialer interface on router for management only

Question asked by keith.lawrence@randox on May 18, 2016



I manage a 2901 router as follows:


Primary wan link is on gi0/0 and connects to our HQ core via a /30 over a layer 2 fibre circuit.

Secondary wan link is on dialer0 via vdsl2 card and connects to ISP, who assign a single static IP address.


The route is set to go over the primary wan link. There is a lower priority route which goes over the secondary link for failover purposes.


When the primary link is active, I would still like to be able to connect to the router via the secondary link IP address for management purposes. This currently is not possible as the router over the primary link prevents me from connecting to the secondary link IP address from the Internet.


Is it possible to configure the router to respond to connections to the secondary wan interface from the Internet but not make it the route for the router?