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CSCtx65298 - Tomcat keystore generation issue - Tomcat fails to start

Question asked by ritesh.desai on May 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by ritesh.desai

hi folks,


I'm facing the same issue in Finesse v11.

Its a fresh install. Issue is suddenly i was unable to open agent desktop URL. For this, I followed below procedure;

- stop cisco finesse Tomcat

- stop cisco Finesse notification service.

- Start cisco finesse notification service.

- start cisco finesse tomcat.


Nothing worked out. Restarted system twice. Both Finesse administrator and agent desktop URL does not open. It says me "page cant be displayed"

Re-configured CTIServer and CUCM PG by running Peripheral Gateway.exe That too no luck.


Issued command utils diagnose test and found error: The Tomcat keystore has been corrupted. Searched on google and found this URL:


Please confirm is there a bug or some other issue. Please suggest. Attached logs.





Ritesh Desai.