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API Login with Login Name

Question asked by abtalley1 on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by abtalley1

I know I have seen similar posts in the past, but I am hoping to get the latest info.


We've written an application that utilizes the Finesse XMPP as well as REST API functionality, and we of course need to log into both. But, we'd like to allow users to log in either with login ID or login name (as Finesse desktop does), rather than just login ID. Our research so far has shown that I can't login without first translating that login name to to the corresponding login ID and using that as my credentials. But, I can't do something like pull a User object to get the mapping to do that translation without having the ID, or so it seems.

So, I'm posting to find out:

1. am I missing a step here that would allow us to authenticate and log in with login name without first knowing the ID?

2. if not, I know Finesse desktop is doing it, seemingly translating from login name to ID before even calling the Get User REST service. I've watched the communication in the browser console and can see that it has happened, but so far I can't isolate how. Is this something we can replicate if it's not a simple as logging into the API/XMPP the normal way with the ID?