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Cisco Finesse Timeouts

Question asked by mark.rennie1 on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by dekwan



We are building Finesse integration to our 3rd party CRM product using Java.  We are using the REST API calls to make requests to Finesse and interpreting the responses from the notification service by creating an XMPP connection.


Do we need to worry about setting timeouts on the REST API calls in our code?  If so has anyone else done this, or know what is the Cisco recommendation on timeouts?


E.g.  If we make the REST API call to Sign a user in - do we need to time-out after X seconds?  Or is it guaranteed that these will never timeout?


Similarly what if we fail to get a response from the notification service on XMPP.  Should we have a timeout for receiving events back from this service?  Has any one done this, or is the recommendation for how this should operate?