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Using XMPP to monitor other agents

Question asked by joe.outzen on May 12, 2016
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I've got a client that is looking to run a thick client CRM app side-by-side with Finesse; the CRM app must respond to call events that occur in Finesse.  I know it's not supported to log into XMPP with the same agent as is logged into Finesse (and it clearly doesn't work; Finesse starts experiencing all sorts of problems when you do this).  But what if we log into XMPP with a "fake" agent, and then subscribe to the "real" agent's event streams?


I've tested this in a lab environment, and it seems to work - all instances of the fake agent receive all the events for every real agent it is subscribed to, and the real agents seem to be able to work through Finesse just fine.  So the plan is to have a small pool of fake agents; each CRM app instance logs into XMPP using one of the fake agents and subscribes to the real agent that's running Finesse side-by-side with the CRM app instance.  The CRM app instance would need to filter out the events for all the other agents it's getting (since multiple instances would be using the same fake agent login), but, at least so far, I don't see any other significant challenges with this approach.


Any thoughts as to whether this arrangement would be supported?  Or what sort of impact this might have on the Finesse server (we're talking 500+ simultaneous agents)?