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Finesse API LOGIN URL not accessible.

Question asked by ritesh.desai on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by dekwan

Hi friends,


Am unable to access finesse API URL for login. https:<FQDN>:8443/finesse/api/User/9001 it gives me error (attached).


At client place, am getting the error which I have attached. (Image Client snap.jpg)

In my lab, am able to get the Agent state URL page. (Image Lab snap.jpg)


Can you help me what am missing. I restarted the server though not working. Config remains the same at both the places. Still guessing where's the blockage. Firewall ports are open between server and client. Antivirus is disabled on client system, on server no point at all.

Port 8443 is open.




Ritesh Desai.