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OTHER_IN and AGENT_INSIDE Call types ?

Question asked by ranamuhammadwaqas on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by dekwan

I need the understanding of the OTHER_IN and AGENT_INSIDE call types, to handle those effectively. I have looked into the Cisco Finesse Web Service Guide but I haven't found sufficient information from there.

In the case of consult call sometimes the 1st dialog call type is "AGENT_INSIDE" and the second is "CONSULT_CALL" which is perfectly fine, but when I get "AGENT_INSIDE" in both dialogs which are confusing and mess up the code logic.

Same is the case when Consult call is alerting and it gives the "OTHER_IN or AGENT_INSIDE" in both of the dialogs and sometimes it works fine.

Note: I am using Finesse API

Any Help is appreciated !