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Doubt - HTTPS - Finesse API

Question asked by tiago.lourenco1 on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by dekwan

Good afternoon


Why make a big research about the finesse of cisco API, I have some doubts regarding whether I am doing something wrong. And come this way ask for your help, who has more experience in this area.


I have the API installed in another branch of my company, and I access it via VPN, using a https address, what is happening to me is that I'm having trouble accessing and it seems to be because the certificates. For example, if you use the poster as mozilla said supporting document can not get the API response, but using RESTClient and selecting the "Trust self-signed certificate?" I can get a result of the API. I think the problem may come from the certificate, because https link.


After this, to try to resolve the Certificate situation I choose to install the certificate in the "folder" root in the Certificate Manager tool. And the problem continued.


After doing more research, I downloaded the sample of cisco "NonGadgetSample-10.5.1," which changed the javascript files in order to place the data where I have installed API. And the problem continued.


Given this I wonder if anyone can help me in this part.

Is it because of https and certificates that can not access from Web application to API?

What am I doing wrong?


Thank you


Best regards,

Tiago Lourenço