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CUIC Dashboard

Question asked by j.huizinga on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by dekwan


I have a strange problem with a UCCX/Finesse/CUIC standard configuration.

I have created several times for several customers with UCCX dashboards which will then be displayed a new tab in finesse agent. I am using the CUIC sample gadget for that (CUICSampleGadget-2.0) this gadget has three files: CUIC.xml CUIC.js and CUIC.css In CUIC.js I put the link from the dashboard.

I have now a customer where it seems that the CUIC.xml is executed, but within the  CUIC.xml is a reference to CUIC.js, and CUIC.js is never executed.

The result is that on the finesse desktop in the tab I created an empty box is displayed.


I rebooted the UCCX, I tried the same configuration in my LAB (where it works perfectly)


Has anyone seen that?