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Co-browse not working with REM SDK and Expert Assist in same app instance for calls number 2 ...

Question asked by briwilli on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by briwilli

This error was reported to me by a customer with REM SDK 10.6.3 and Expert Assist SDK 10.6.1 for both Android and iOS apps. I have replicated the customer results with a different iOS app in a different REAS lab.

When I assure previous call and session have ended and obtain a fresh session ID, client with a second call in same application instance does not ever receive the popup prompt to accept CoBrowse/sharing but co-browsing is able to continue (is rejoined). Noted also that to assure a fresh session ID, I had to perform the logout step from the Session Token server. I’ve extended the client to also use a  fresh correlation ID with each call, and that has the related issue of not offering co-browse popups for customer to accept. In this case, previous co-browse session is not rejoined and there is no co-browsing.