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Wrong credentials for APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab-1_Reservation?

Question asked by oveits on May 4, 2016
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Sorry again for this Sandbox newbie question: I have made a reservation for APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab-1 and I could connect via VPN. Also the SSH connection to the APIC-EM machine works fine. However, I cannot log in to any of the other elements: the login credentials found in the resource attributes tab seems to be wrong.


Even for the APIC-EM module, the login credentials in the resource attributes tab seem to be wrong. The instructions say that the credentials are grapevine/Grapevine1 but in the resource attributes tab I find loginUser=grapevine and loginPassword=grapevine, instead of Grapevine1.


I assume that also the loginPassword resource attributes of all other machines in the topology are wrong. Where do I get the correct ones from?


Or: is there any other way to get the SNMP credentials from the devices, so I can do more than only discovering IP addresses in the APIC-EM? Any address the APIC-EM finds (via ping, I guess) is marked with a status of "Unreachable" (probably, because no SNMP connection is possible, I guess).