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Purpose of the APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab-1?

Question asked by oveits on May 3, 2016
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Sorry, for this newbie question:

Today, I had scheduled a APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab-1. I could connect via VPN and I could access the network elements. I also found the login credentials how to log into the APIC-EM. However, although I was searching for it like a maniac, I have not succeeded to find the IP address or FQDN of the APIC EM. Neither in any of the emails, nor on any of following pages:

Here are also some screenshots I have taken, but all of them are missing the information I was looking for:






Isn't the APIC-EM included in the lab? Am I supposed to download the APIC-EM SW and install it on a 64 GB DRAM VM, as the installation specs say and then use it to discover the network?

Thanks for any hint to the right direction.

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