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    Dev Sandbox Collaboration 10.5 Schedule Lab


      Good afternoon,


      How do I schedule a session on the Dev Sandbox Collaboration 10.5 Lab?




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          Hello Paula-


          Thanks for your inquiry! First, you'll need to visit the Sandbox Microportal on DevNet and sign in:




          Once you're all signed in, select the 'Get Started!' button on the page above.


          The interface you're looking at now will be the Sandbox catalog! This shows you all of the labs that we currently have available for use. The easiest way to find the 'Collaboration 10.5' lab is to search in the top left, or sort by 'Collaboration' on the right:




          Take a look at the labs, you should find the lab you're looking for, the 'Collaboration 10.5' Lab. Click the reserve button:




          When the dialog appears, you can set the amount of time you'd like the lab (max - 1 week) and set the time you'd like it to start (select 'now' if you'd like to see if there's any available right away). Once all of the details look correct, go ahead and hit 'Reserve.'




          Regardless of when scheduled your lab, it will take about 15-30 minutes to setup your lab. Once it has finished setup, you'll recieve an email to your email account associated with your DevNet user that specifies how to connect. Once connected, the lab is yours to use and test away!


          Let us know if you run into any issues along the way and we'll be happy to help you out!




          DevNet Sandbox Team

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            Hi Jacob,


            Thanks for your email.


            I was able to find the page where you can select which lab (see below):







            I put a filter to just see the 'Always-On" lab and didn't see these four

            Always-On lab for the collaboration (Call Control, Endpoints, Jabber and

            Webex).  Where can I find these?









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              Hello Paula,


              The "endpoints" lab is now called the Collab endpoint lab. While this lab is "always on" we do require a reservation to provision VPN access to the lab. Search for "Collab Endpoint" on the top left to locate this lab. Make sure you have no filtering applied!


              The Webex lab is the same case as above, just sear for the "Webex" lab in the top left and you should find it.


              For Jabber, you'll need to clarify on that. If you're wanting to provision and use a jabber device, you could use the Collab endpoint lab or the Collab 10.5 or 11 lab for administrative control. If you're looking for jabber guest, this is also available in the Collab Endpoint lab - just check under the "Jabber tab once in the lab.


              We do not have a"Call control" lab. Did you see this somewhere on DevNet? If so, please show me which page so I can ensure it reflects our lab offerings accurately!


              To search the Sandbox Catalog, please use the search bar in the top left of the screen, pictured below:





              DevNet Sandbox Team

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                Hi Jacob,


                Ok, I was able to start a Collab Endpoint (almost right way). But after starting it, I did get some emails (one saying that it will end in 10 minutes) and one 10 minutes later that looked like a closure email.


                However, I didn't get any email with the username/password to log into Anyconnect itself. 


                I reviewed the Anyconnect installation guide (I actually already have this installed for my own use to connect to other customer's environments) and don't expect to see that username/password and gateway that I can use for my lab session.


                Do you know why?  Let's disregard the call control lab for now.


                thank you,


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                  Hello Latenaite,


                  Apologies for the delayed response! This lab can be a little confusing - the reservation will only last about 15 minutes in total. During this time you will have access to run commands that are located on the right side. During your reservation you can click the "Commands" button and they will open up.




                  Choose the desired command to get a device registered - once it has been registered you will receive an email that contains your VPN credentials! Make sure to save these as you can always use these credentials to login to the VPN and connect your devices! This is because this lab is always-on and you can always have access!


                  Apologies for the confusion here - give the reservation another try and let me know if it is working for you!