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Combining Expert Assist SDK with CSDK

Question asked by gvijendr on Apr 25, 2016
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My customer is leveraging the co-browse portion of expert assist SDK along with CSDK for voice/video functionality as they need some advanced capabilities.  They are hitting some compatibility issues as per their analysis. Please see more details below.



I tried combining the Expert Assist library (jar) with the CSDK api.

But it is not compatible.


(assist-android-sdk1.2.22.jar [expert assist] and fusionclient-android-sdk2. [csdk 10.6.2] has many classes in common,

So it was conflicting.)


I had deleted the fusionclient jar and kept only the assist-android jar sdk. By this way I was able to compile the code.

Then I was trying to disable audio and video in the expert assist sdk while the CSDK api has audio video enabled.

It is crashing the app as by default, the expert assist sdk is making a video overlay to show the waiting video.


   I was using Assist.startSupport(, this.getApplication(), mAssistListener);



It will be helpful if you can provide me a library with all combined and fixed classes.

Lets have a detailed discussion tomorrow on this.