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Regarding Application running on Cisco Iox Local Manager

Question asked by babelawa on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by eublack

Hi Team,


I am currently setting up IOX environement for our requirement.


I got access to IOX-CAF.

After  Going throgh some sample application to run.


Steps which i followed and also queries :


  • Setting up IOx devnet sandbox (Completed)


  • Download and install ioxclient (no access)

I tried but no access so i have raised request for downloading sdk IOx SDK Software-1.0.0


  • Install and test the sample application

Blocked as i dont have access for SDK


  • Connect ioxclient to your device( This is yet to follow)


  • Connecting to sandbox( able to access sandbox)
  • Install cartridges (No need for IOx CAF as already pre-installed)
  • Install the sample application (not sure how to install.. also from


I have applicatoin Tab where i can add/deploy But when try clicking on  add/deploy

it is showing nothing , is it because i need install ioxclient ?


Could you please let me know your comments on these queries.


Also i dont have access to this to run Hello program


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