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ECCP does not connect to CURRI Web Server

Question asked by louisvandyk on Apr 8, 2016
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I am running CUCM 11.0.  I've installed Centos 7 which is running Python 2.7 in order to run the I downloaded from the CURRI DevNet page.


I have created the External Call Control Profile, and for the Web Service I entered:


Then I added this ECCP to a DN of a test user on CUCM.  I also added it to a Translation Pattern on CUCM.


When a call is placed to either, nothing is reported on the Python screen, and the call behaves according to the status of "Call Treatment on Failures".  In other words, it succeeds if I ALLOW, and it fails if select BLOCK.


On the Centos Server I am running the command:   python ./ 6162 http


I get the resulting:

HTTP://HOST_NAME:PORT http :// : 6162

Fri Apr  8 16:15:55 2016 HTTP CURRI Server Started -


If I use a normal web browser to open the page I get the resulting:

This is a test.

You accessed path: /


So the Python side seems good.  On the Centos server I ran tcpdump.  I noticed that the CUCM *NEVER* connects to the Centos/Python server.


I created another ECCP and assigned that to the DN (while the Python server was running) but that made no difference.  Also, if I use lsof or netstat to view active connections, there are none except for my SSH session.


Where do I go from here?  And Thanks!