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CMX 10.2.2-296 location update JSON

Question asked by logocomune on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by matfarre


I try to receive location update JSON and I see a different between 10.1 and 10.2 json:

I have a lot of traffic with apMacAddress = null. It's not null only when an ssid is not null (is it an associate client?)


The question is:

how can I know which access point detect this information?

In previous version (10.1) I receive always a valid apMacAddress.



  "notifications": [{

  "notificationType": "locationupdate",

  "subscriptionName": "Location Update LCF",

  "entity": "WIRELESS_CLIENTS",

  "deviceId": "26:eb:75:49:4f:ff",

  "lastSeen": "2016-04-08T01:37:38.519-0700",

  "eventId": 6888403,

  "locationMapHierarchy": "Nortech Campus>Nortech-1>1st Floor>East cubicles",

  "locationCoordinate": {

  "x": 63.548336,

  "y": 16.676718,

  "z": 0.0,

  "unit": "FEET"


  "geoCoordinate": {

  "latitude": 37.42244043592456,

  "longitude": -121.95984747169754,

  "unit": "DEGREES",

  "lattitude": 37.42244043592456


  "confidenceFactor": 88.0,

  "apMacAddress": null,

  "ssid": null,

  "band": null,

  "floorId": 727035700041482283,

  "batteryInfo": null,

  "vendorData": null,

  "timestamp": 1460104658519