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    Mobility Services Engine 10.1 up and running? ("CMX: System error")




      I'm trying to test the Mobility Services Engine 10.1 API by using the Always-On lab.

      But when I try to load this URL in my browser I get an "CMX: System error" error message.



      I'm I missing something, or is the sandbox down?





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          Hi Henrik,

          I saw the CMX: System error message, also.  But I can not reproduce the error, now

          First thought was Authorization Header, see below.  Please, followup if the error continues to exist.



          API Authentication Details

          MSE APIs uses Basic Authentication scheme to authenticate the API request. Each API Request, should contain the API access credentials in the Authorization header. The API credentials can be generated by the MSE Admin via the GUI by going to the Users and Groups page of the MSE 8, or the Manage page of the MSE 10.


          Note, that the user credentials have read and write permissions associated with it. User credentials without write permissions can only perform ‘GET’ operations on the REST API resources. In addition, certain APIs will only return the configurations created by the requesting user.


          The Authorization header is constructed as follows:

          Username and password are combined into a string “username:password”.

          The resulting string literal is then encoded using Base64.

          The authorization method, a space and the string “Basic” is then put before the encoded string.

          For example, if the username is ‘Aladin’ and the password is ‘sesame open’, then the header is formed as follows: Authorization: Basic QxhZGluOnNlc2FtIG9wZW4=

          If the API request doesn’t have Authorization header or if the credentials are incorrect, then the MSE will send a HTTP 401 Not Authorized response code containing the authenticate header as below: WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm=“MSE API Service”

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            Thanks Matt,


            You were right. Basic auth headers were missing.

            I was confused by the "CMX: System Error" since I was using a browser and expecting a 401 message, or a basic auth popup.


            Sending proper HTTP basic auth headers here works: https://msesandbox.cisco.com:8081/api/location/v2/clients/


            // Henrik