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Cisco Finesse Notification Messages

Question asked by srinivascisco on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by dekwan

Hi All,


I am new to the customization of Finesse and programming languages.


We have a .net thick client CRM using Client is migrating from Cisco CTIOS to Cisco Finesse. In the current application with CTIOS API's they are doing screen popups based on the agents state changes and the events(basically they pull the data from the back end system based on the events and call data) we need to achieve similar when we migrate to finesse.


Finesse REST API's need to be invoked from the .net client and get the call data upon certain events occur. for example when the call answered/transferred i need to look at the PV Data and present the data to the CRM.


I need some example code snippets on how we subscribe to these finesse notifications and how we use them with XMPP. any detailed help here is greatly appreciated.