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Finesse 11.0 with Pidgin - Pidgin XMPP unsubscribe results in agent login failure from browser

Question asked by anbackus on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by dekwan

UCCE 10.5.2; Finesse 11.0


I am just getting started with Finesse and gadgets. I was able to do the rudimentary Poster and Pidgin items described in the Finesse Developer Guide (all IPs pointing to Finesse pub).  When I tried to find a way to "logout" of Pidgin, nothing obvious presented itself, so I performed an "unsubscribe" for the finesse and presencelistener "buddies".  And with that, I am no longer able to login using the agent account to the finesse pub server using the browser client. The aberrant behavior now : the browser seems to timeout on the pub, then successfully login to the sub - this is consistent. All other agent accounts are fine, and login via browser to the pub.


All the following have failed to rectify:

- deleting/recreating the agent account in UCCE

- restarting Finesse pub


Would appreciate and help or guidance in getting the account restored.