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INVITEs to multiple callees

Question asked by Chen-Che.Huang1 on Mar 22, 2016
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Dear all,


In our system, we have a broadcasting feature. For this broadcasting feature, we use a particular caller to send SIP INVITEs to multiple callees concurrently. These callees will automatically accept the INVITE and return 200 OK to the caller. Then, the particular caller sends the media streams to these callees concurrently. However, we find that this feature could not be realized when we use CUCM as our SIP proxy server. When the CUCM receives the multiple INVITEs sent by our particular caller, the CUCM only sends the first INVITE to the callee and returns 486 BUSY to the caller for the rest of the callees. Can anyone point me out how to configure CUCM to make the CUCM forward all INVITEs to the callees rather than return 486 BUSY? Many thanks.


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