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Finesse doesn't publish some call data updates for transferred calls

Question asked by danmoreno on Mar 22, 2016
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In UCCE 10.x system, Finesse doesn't publish some "CallDataUpdateEvent" notifications through XMPP.



Finesse logs are attached to this discussion. The scenario is the following:


1. An new incoming call is established by extension 10019, agent id 1403 --> Call id 67118473.


2. The agent makes a consult call to another queue (68014) --> Call id 2130706438.


3. The call is answered by an available agent (extension 10017, agent id 1505). During the process of routing the call to the second agent, the call id changes from 2130706438 to 16781676.



The log file contains several messages received form CTI server ("Decoded Message to Finesse from backend cti server") in which the new call id (16781676) is related to the original call id for the consult call (2130706438, see line 629 in log file), or even related to the primary call id for the main call, whan that call is transferred to agent 1505 (call id 67118473, see lines 1017 & 1032 in log file).

However, Finesse doesn't publish any notification through XMPP related to the call id change (none "Publishing XMPP Message Asynchronously" related appears in the log file).



We need to get the new call id (16781676) at the second agent (1505), through a Finesse notification.


Any ideas?





Thanks in advance.