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Finesse not updating CTI Data for transfered calls

Question asked by hossain.ashfaque on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by dekwan



I am using PCCE 10.5 and using Finesse 10.5.


In ICM script I am passing CTI data via Call Variable1, Call Variable2, Call Variable3, Call Variable4 and Call Variable5. When the agent answer new call then the agent can see all the data in Finesse screen.


Now if the agent transfer to the call to another queue and before queuing the call I change the Call Variable3 in ICM script so that it reflect the new queue name. Now there are 2 scenario


1. No agent available in the new queue, caller hear the queue music after that agent become available and answered the call. This case agent call the Call Variable3 updated with the new Queue name.


The problem is

2. If the agent is available in the new queue and answer the call then Call Variable3 does not update and agent see Old queue name.


I capture dump log from cti server and can see that Call Variable3 updated before reaching the second agent and Finesse logs showing that it receive the updated value of Call Variable3. So wondering why Finesse does not show the updated value.


So is there any difference in Finesse screen pop if the call is answered after passing the queue node and if the call is directly answered from the queue node?