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    UCCX Sandbox lab - cannot login to Finesse


      Hi, all. I am trying to use the UCCX sandbox lab, but I am new to this.


      I am connected to vpn, but I have some difficulties with understanding the work process.
      I want to use non-gadget sample 10.5(1) with it. Is it possible? The sandbox finesse version is 10.6(1).

      Non-gadget sample on log in goes to *host*/finesse/api/user/Agent001 , but it returns me
                <ErrorType>Service Unavailable</ErrorType>


      *host*/finesse/api/SystemInfo and Cisco Finesse Administration also return that finesse service is "out of service"















      I am trying to run CLI commands, but it doesnt help:


      admin:utils uccx finesse activate

      Cisco Finesse is already activated.

      admin:utils service restart Cisco Finesse Tomcat

      Don't press Ctrl-c while the service is getting RESTARTED.If Service has not Restarted Properly, execute the same Command Again

      Service Manager is running

      Cisco Finesse Tomcat[STOPPING]

      Cisco Finesse Tomcat[STOPPING]

      Cisco Finesse Tomcat[STARTING]

      Cisco Finesse Tomcat[STARTED]

      Cisco Finesse Tomcat[STARTED]

      Is this correct behaviour of sandbox lab or what am I doing wrong?


      Also I noticed that "In order to log agents into Finesse each agent must be logged into their pre-provisioned Jabber Client ". Can you please provide me Cisco Jabber Client for 10.6(1) for download, because I need to log in agent to finesse desktop - and I cannot.
      I am unable to download it from site, it requires the service contract.


      Thank you.
      With regards, Yuriy.














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          Hello Yuriy-


          Thanks for your inquiry! You will need to have the agent logged in before you try to a finesse gadget. Finesse has been activated so you should not need to run the finesse activation commands from the CLI. As you mentioned in the final statement of your post, you can use Cisco Jabber to log in to the Agent which will allow you to test the API.


          I will email you a link directly to download Cisco Jabber. Follow the steps to install the application.


          Once ready, make sure you're connected to the VPN and log in with the following credentials for the agent of choice:


          UN: Agent001@abc.inc

          PW: ciscopsdt


          If you encounter any errors with this, ensure your primary DNS is set to or click "Advanced Settings" in Jabber. Under advanced settings select the bullet point for "CUCM 9 or later" then manually specify the address at the bottom. Fill in for the CUCM server.



          Once logged in, you'll need to also log into finesse as specified in the instructions in the Finesse tab.


          Please let me know if you have any additional questions and if this works out for you!



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            Hi, Jacob.


            Now I have the problem with Jabber client connection. I have got an error

            Cannot find your services automatically / Cannot communicate to server.


            Regardless from the extended settings service configuration. Even If I set it to


            Following the article https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/12586476/troubleshoot-jabber-login-issues , I checked

            the service description at AppData\Roaming\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Config\service-location.xml
            It looks like correct.

            <?xml version="1.0"?>




















            I can ping the hq-cucm-pub.abc.inc host. And I have the primary DNS set to And nslookup returns me service description:


            But I cannot open telnet connection to hq-cucm-pub.abc.inc:8443 . Maybe something wrong here, and that's why Jabber client cannot

            What can be the reason? Any ideas will be helpful.
            How can I collect any additional information, which can be useful?


            With regards, Yuriy.














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              I thought - maybe something wrong with my connection trough VPN.That's why I installed Cisco Jabber to the machine. And there is the same error there. It connects to the server, but it cannot find services.


              How can I check, that required services are running and available?

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                Hello Yuriy-


                I found the issue with your lab and I am currently working on it. I will need to reboot the servers shortly.



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                  Thank you very much, Jacob.


                  Please - let me know, when the lab environment will be corrected.


                  With regards, Yuriy.

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                    It's our pleasure Yuriy!


                    The issue has been resolved and we have tested it on our end. Could you please try again and let us know if it's working for you now?