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UCCX Sandbox lab - cannot login to Finesse

Question asked by chapelain36 on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by jacoadam

Hi, all. I am trying to use the UCCX sandbox lab, but I am new to this.


I am connected to vpn, but I have some difficulties with understanding the work process.
I want to use non-gadget sample 10.5(1) with it. Is it possible? The sandbox finesse version is 10.6(1).

Non-gadget sample on log in goes to *host*/finesse/api/user/Agent001 , but it returns me
          <ErrorType>Service Unavailable</ErrorType>


*host*/finesse/api/SystemInfo and Cisco Finesse Administration also return that finesse service is "out of service"















I am trying to run CLI commands, but it doesnt help:


admin:utils uccx finesse activate

Cisco Finesse is already activated.

admin:utils service restart Cisco Finesse Tomcat

Don't press Ctrl-c while the service is getting RESTARTED.If Service has not Restarted Properly, execute the same Command Again

Service Manager is running

Cisco Finesse Tomcat[STOPPING]

Cisco Finesse Tomcat[STOPPING]

Cisco Finesse Tomcat[STARTING]

Cisco Finesse Tomcat[STARTED]

Cisco Finesse Tomcat[STARTED]

Is this correct behaviour of sandbox lab or what am I doing wrong?


Also I noticed that "In order to log agents into Finesse each agent must be logged into their pre-provisioned Jabber Client ". Can you please provide me Cisco Jabber Client for 10.6(1) for download, because I need to log in agent to finesse desktop - and I cannot.
I am unable to download it from site, it requires the service contract.


Thank you.
With regards, Yuriy.