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Queries regarding Get Active Clients API apMacAddress

Question asked by pratham.shah on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by matfarre

Had a few queries on using the API "/api/location/v2/clients".

While looking at the response for clients with dot11Status as "Unknown" found that they have statistics similar to below :

"statistics": {

"currentServerTime": "2016-03-02T14:19:04.320+0530",

"firstLocatedTime": "2016-03-02T13:35:55.533+0530",

"lastLocatedTime": "2016-03-02T14:14:33.533+0530",

"maxDetectedRssi": {

"apMacAddress": "aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa",

"band": "IEEE_802_123_ABCD",

"slot": 0,

"rssi": -83,

"antennaIndex": 0,

"lastHeardInSeconds": 4



<Note : Some data is masked for protection>

  • Does apMacAddress inside the maxDetectedRssi indicate the mac address of the AP which detected this client ? In general what does the attribute indicate ?
  • Is maxDetectedRssi.apMacAddress attribute mandatory and always be filled and available for all the types of clients (ASSOCIATED, PROBING, UNKNOWN) ?


Please provide answers to the above queries.