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Difference in Finesse 11 Dialogs?

Question asked by snewmanNX on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by dekwan

I have this code, which I have used for Finesse 10 and 10.5, works perfectly fine, I receive notifications any time a dialog is started (abbreviated for clarity):


user = new finesse.restservices.User({

   id: id,
   onLoad: handleUserLoad,
   onChange: handleUserChange

Then in the handleUserLoad I have this bit:

dialogs = user.getDialogs({

   onCollectionAdd: handleNewDialog,
   onCollectionDelete: handleEndDialog,
   onLoad : handleDialogsLoaded

And of course handleNewDialog gets called whenever a call comes in. This works perfectly in Finesse 10 & 10.5. However, in Finesse 11 the handleNewDialog & handleEndDialog functions are never called. It calls handleUserChange when a new call comes in or is disconnected and that's all.

Did something change? Has anyone else had this issue?