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Finesse XMPP OnDisconnect event

Question asked by yogeshkumarlog on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by dekwan

We have made Agent desktop based on Cisco Finesse - UCCE APIs. We are using 3rd party library to connect to Finesse - XMPP as the connection is through the backend - server


It is working fine for 90% of the time, but some times agent start receiving the xmppClient_OnDisconnect event by 3rd party library. We try to reconnect the agent with Finesse XMPP server but keep on getting the same error. During this time we don't receive any event for that agent from Finesse.


There is one scenario where we were able to replicate the issue:

1. We logged agent-A from one system (Our application Server-A)

2. We logged in same agent-A from other system simultaneously (Our application Server-B)

In this case we start receiving the onDisconnect event.

We however tried the same thing with finesse by logging in the same agent from two different PC. We did not faced this issue.


I have a doubt that while connecting to Finesse XMPP server we give resource ID something like "My_AgentID", where agent ID will change depending on the agent and My part is static. Can this cause the error?