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CUPC strange issues over VPN

Question asked by on Oct 30, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2009 by lpratt

I have a user who is having some strange issues with CUPC over VPN using Cisco VPN client.  I just upgraded them to the latest version 5.0.06 from 5.0.03, so maybe that solved it.  But I thought I would ask to see if anyone else had the same problem.


We did disable windows firewall and the Cisco VPN stateful firewall as well.  He is running Windows XP Pro all patched and connects back to our ASA 5510.


He leaves his computer and the VPN on all the time.  When he leaves for the day and comes back in the morning VPN is still up, but the CUPC client is offline.  As well all his custom status messages are gone.


He does not have any powersaving enabled.  The machine is up all the time, except when a reboot is needed.


I did a test myself and left mine up and running overnight and came in the next morning and everything was fine.  I am on the local network, not connected to VPN.  So it appears to be somewhat related to VPN.  Although the lost settings throws me off.


Just to be clear, he doesn't lose all his settings, just the custom messages.  He is the local administrator on his machine as well.


Anyone else? Any suggestions on what to look for or at