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How to make calls through UCM in Collaboration 10.5 Sandbox

Question asked by wimichiels1 on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by wimichiels1

I have a Collaboration 10.5 Sandbox lab setup and I can connect to everything via the VPN tunnel. Now I would like to connect a soft phone to the UCM and make calls.


I am brand new to the world of Telecom and Cisco, so forgive me if some of this does not make any sense !.


I connected to the Windows Server within the lab via Remote Desktop and launched the Jabber client. If I select a Cisco IM & Presence account and point it at either the Presence device or the UCM Publisher device, I receive an error that Jabber cannot communicate with the server. If I then switch it over to a Cisco Communications Manager device and point all three IP Addresses to the UCM Publisher, Jabber will authenticate correctly, but still I cannot make calls or IM's. If I look at the connection status, it reports that the Softphone is not connected and instructs me to look at the Phone Service tab of the Options window. However, the Options window does not have a Phone Services tab. Even if I could get everything hooked up, I'm still not sure I would be able to make calls because the server is not detecting my audio devices, even though I specified the pass-through settings correctly when establishing he RDP connection.


Giving up on that approach, I copied the Jabber install down to my desktop and installed it. From here, I was able to use the Cisco IP & Presence account and successfully connect to the Presence device. However, the Connection Status window still shows my Softphone as not connected, this time indicating a network problem reaching the Subscriber device. I verified that I can indeed ping the device listed in the message. I logged out and switched over to a Cisco Communications Manager account. Again I could login, but the Softphone still will not connect, indicating the same networking error.


At this point, I am totally lost. Any assistance that could be provided would be much appreciated.