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Are there any Avaya G3r to CUCM 7.1 Migration Work Sheets

Question asked by Greg Cording on Oct 29, 2009
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Hi All

        I am new here and to the world of CUCM so please be kind


Currently I am working on a project to migrate from an Avaya G3r to a CUCM 7.1 and would like to know if there any “work sheets” or “job aids” on the Cisco Website (preferably Excel format) to facilitate the successful capture all required information such as Server IP Address's, etc.


Also wondering if there are any Avaya specific documentation, such as Avaya Features to capture (related Avaya reports to run) and which Cisco features they directly map too?


On the Avaya Partner web site they have a section called “The Anatomy of a Successful Cut” effectively this very useful area contains Spreadsheet Job Aids for Information gathering from the client/network folks, Visio Diagrams that can be downloaded and amended etc. I just wondered if such a space exists in the Cisco world?


Many thanks and look forward to your thoughts.


Kind Regards


Greg Cording


(But don’t hold it against me )