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Finesse 10.5 user.setState(states.NOT_READY) Fails to change user state.

Question asked by croder001 on Feb 5, 2016
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I have a lookup to a phone directory in a gadget and the users want a button to call directly from their finesse client. This way they reduce user error by possibly typing the wrong phone number on the keypad of the phone itself. Since Finesse cannot place a call when the user is in a Ready state, I need to have this button set them to Not Ready and then place the call.

When there are no Not Ready codes associated with the team, this works normally. Once a Not Ready code is associated with the team, user.setState fails to change to a Not Ready status. It will successfully change from Not Ready to Ready, but that only demonstrates that I have the function call formatted correctly. The following code is pulled directly from the SampleGadget_Final.js provided as a sample. I have tried including a reasoncode, as well as using the name of the not ready status ("Not Ready - Visitor").


Can anyone help with this problem?

Thanks in advance!


Chris Roder


* Handler for makeCall when successful.
makeCallSuccess = function(rsp) {

* Handler for makeCall when error occurs.
makeCallError = function(rsp) {

setUserState : function (state) {
if (state === 'READY') {
} else if (state === 'NOT_READY') {