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    sandbox lab and TSP


      Hi  .. need to understand which sandbox lab shall we use for testing. We have to do the CTI integration with CUCM 9.1.

      Also what should we used for development tapi32.dll / CISCO TSP? do we need TSP if we are using sandbox lab for testing?

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          Hi Bhushan,


          We have a Collaboration 9.1 sandbox environment with Call Manager and Unified Presence which supports CTI


          Can you expand on the testing you need to do? Will you require Unity connection?




          Joe Kearns

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            Thanks Joseph.


            We have to develop the call control functionality like make/answer/hold call,monitoring extension/cti group. I understand we can use TAPI api as well as CISCO TSP API. Which one should we use TAPI/TSP?


            Is CISCO TSP is SDK provided by CISCO?  How to get the TSP?

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              Both TAPI and JTAPI can be downloaded from the Call Manager (Application - Plugins).


              Not sure regarding your TSP questions, but we should be able to get the information you require.


              Joe Kearns

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                TAPI which we can download from Call Manager is same as microsoft TAPI (TAPI32.dll in windows)?


                what is the line device specific extension and phone device specific extension.

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                  See the TAPI Developer Guide here for more details:

                  Cisco TAPI


                  But a few points:


                  - The Cisco Telephony Service Provider (TSP) is a plugin (dll) which is developed/provided by Cisco which works with the Windows TAPI service.  When installed, it adds the ability to configure a connection to CUCM to monitor/control CUCM phone devices via the TAPI API

                  - The Cisco TSP is available by download from a running CUCM server, via the admin web UI, under Application/Plugins.  The TSP and CUCM version should be version matched (the TSP used should be the version downloaded from the CUCM to be connected to)

                  - TAPI32.dll is the standard Windows API for the TAPI service.  Using this Microsoft provided .dll, apps can monitor/control devices available to TAPI, including devices enabled by installation/configuration of the Cisco TSP

                  - The Cisco TSP targets the TAPI 2.1 version (TAPI 3 is not supported)

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                    For testing purpose i have setup the collaboration 9.1 lab and expecting to get the VPN details ASAP. As per the details we can connect and test the connection using Any connect VPN client.


                    As per the TAPI dev guide i am developing sample application which will initialize TAPI and connect to CUCM.  Before starting that i have below questions -


                    1. Do we need TSP (cisco telephony service provider) to connect to collaboration lab?

                    2. How my sample application will connect to collaboration lab? (Where to configure IP/VPN of sandbox lab inside application)

                    3. Do we have to provide these sandbox VPN details anywhere else other than any connect VPN?

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                      1. The TSP will need to be installed on any PC that connects to CUCM for CTI/TAPI functionality, regardless of whether it's a local CUCM or via VPN

                      2. Essentially an unlimited (or at least very high) number of TAPI applications can connect to CUCM simultaneously

                      3. The VPN details are needed only within AnyConnect.  Once AnyConnect is up and connected to the Sandbox VPN, the CUCM and other servers within the Sandbox lab will appear to the PC as if on the local network - TAPI (or any other APIs or connectivity) will work as they would with a local instance.

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                        Can I do the some TAPI API testing using TAPI browser and sandbox lab?


                        I understand that TAPI.32.dll will send the request to cisco TSP which will further send to CUCM/cti manager. If this is the c ase then do we have to configure the sandbox details in TSP?

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                          Certainly.  Once the Cisco TSP is downloaded from the CUCM in the Sandbox lab, when you are installing/configuring it, specify the CUCM address as the IPv4 address of the CTI Manager.  Note, you will need to create a CUCM application user, make sure the user is enabled for CTI and has appropriate CTI user roles (Standard CTI Enabled, Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf, and Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Rollover Mode will cover most hardware and CTI port use-cases) and has at least one hardware phone, softphone (i.e. IP Communicator) or CTI port associated to the user.

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                            1. Where to create CUCM application user? Is it in TSP configuration or CUCM administration? Tried to login in CMCM administration of sandbox but giving invalid credentials error.


                            2. How to confirm that TSP is configured correctly and connected to CUCM (Sandbox).

                            I have configured the TSP but can not see any CISCO devices in Windows Dialer line option - I can see PPTP, Agile VPN, SSTN, WAN Miniport but not any CISCO devices.

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                              The CTI user will need to be created in CUCM admin, and the resulting username/password credentials configured in the Cisco TSP config on the app server.


                              Note that the 'Collab  Endpoints' always-on lab does not offer administrative access, so you will not be able to use TAPI with that lab.  You will need to reserve a 'Collaboration XX' lab, for example 'Collaboration 10.5' - admin credentials should be emailed to you (or discoverable in the lab UI) upon reserving the lab.

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                                1. Created sandbox collaboration 9.1 lab

                                2. Got VPN details and can connect to sandbox collaboration 9.1 lab using AnyConnect VPN.

                                3. Created new end user 'NUSER1' in CUCM and assigned device/phone information to this new user.

                                4. Install TSP, Configured TSP using above user details and sandbox lab details.(Using VPN details received in mail)

                                5  Restart the TAPI telephony service.


                                Can not see any CISCO device details in Line details of windows phone Dialer. (Only AgileVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, RAS PPPoLine E exists)


                                Here's the TSP log for reference -


                                18:32:46.540 HDR|02/02/2016 CiscoTSP001.tsp,Special

                                18:32:46.540 |   CSelsiusTSPWaveList::Init() *ERROR* Failed to get ISelsiusNTWaveCtl interface.

                                18:32:46.540 |   SelsiusTSP::InitializeComObjects() *ERROR* Failed m_WaveList->Init(). hr=0x80040154

                                18:55:27.176 |   ProviderCloseRequest::Trace :dwSequenceNumber = 0x00000001

                                18:55:27.176 |   ProviderCloseRequest::Trace

                                        dummyHeader.dwLen =28

                                        dummyHeader.dwType =0

                                        dwMagicCookie =0xFFFFDDDD

                                        dwProtocolVersion =0x000E0000

                                        dwPDUNumber =9

                                        dwHeaderSize =32

                                        dwFixedSize =4

                                        dwVariableSize =0

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                                  From the list of steps, the only main item that may be missing is assigning the CTI permissions/roles to the user..?


                                  The error shown in the log is in reference to the optional TSP RTP media driver (the TSP was not able to find it, as it was probably not installed).  If you can post (attach) the full set of TSP traces, we may be able to find more details.


                                  Also, if you can tell me the VPN connection info for your lab instance (minus the username/password), I can perhaps take a look at the CUCM config in the lab.

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                                    Yeah, I have not assigned the CTI permissions/roles to the user. Can you please tell us how to assign the CTI permission to the user?


                                    Below are my VPN details -


                                    Do you want me to share the password also?

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